Middle School 7on7 Football

​Fall 2020 City of Hoover Middle School 7on7

​7on7 Program Overview

​​7on7 Football is a game/sport that many middle and high schools kids play across the country. It's played on a 50 yard field, 40 yard playing field with a 10 yard end zone. 7 offensive players(1 quarterback, 1 center and 5 offensive skill/eligible positions) and 7 defensive skill positions(linebackers and defensive backs). It's played with less protective gear due to the rules receivers are down by a one-had touch instead of a full tackle. 7on7 focuses on passing only and there are no rushing plays. Defenders cannot rush the quarterback. The quarterback has only 4 seconds to get rid of the ball. The purpose of 7on7 Football is to get quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs ready for the passing concepts for their tackle season. Below is video that will give you a good idea of how 7on7 is played

7on7 Youtube Video

The City of Hoover offers a fall youth football 7on7 program for boys and girls in the 6th for the Fall 2020 season. Registration is open to tackle and flag players, residents and non-residents of Hoover beginning June 1st. The last day to register is Saturday, August 29th. 7on7 is a great way to play and learn skill position concepts without the contact required of tackle football. It is a great way for flag football players to get ready for tackle football in the future. It is also ideal for tackle players to get in extra game situational passing reps that get neglected during tackle games and practices. 7on7 is great way to get your backup tackle quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs game time type reps since starters get to play most of the tackle games. 

Players are required to register as a team. Players will have to submit report cards to verify grade. Games will take place on Sunday afternoons at Hoover East Sports Complex or Brocks Gap Intermediate School depending on team preferences. Team registration is $50.00 per team.

Games will be played every other Sunday starting sometime mid September.  Coaches will get together at the coaches meeting decided which 4 Sundays in the fall they want to play. The Sundays that we do play your team will play 4 games. Each game is about 25 minutes long. We will play a total of four Sundays(4 games per Sunday) so that will include 16 regular season games.

The Southeast Championship Tournament on Sunday November 22nd will act as the post season tournament. 

Please contact Brent Solberg, Brent.Solberg@hooveralabama.gov or 205-444-7754 if interested in registering/coaching a 7on7 football team.

        Leagues Listed Below

       6th Grade


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Teams Participating in the 6th Grade 7on7 Fall Season

Joe Horn (Helena)
Birmingham (Kelley)

Super Lineman League

The Super Lineman League is for 6th grade Offensive and Defensive Lineman. Offensive and defensive line positions are the most under-served position group in youth football levels. With this in mind, the Super Lineman League was developed to offer lineman a one-on-one team scoring system to add competition and sportsmanship while allowing young lineman to test their new found technique and skills in a fun and safe environment. Below is a video of what a Super Lineman Competition would look like. League is offered this fall on Sundays. Only 4 Sundays total. Please contact Brent Solberg if you have a team or are an individual that would like to participate.

Super Lineman Youtube Video

Coaches and League Director
We are always looking and welcome parent volunteers 
to coach teams or become a league director. This is a 
great way to get involved with your child and have fun 
learning and developing your own skills. If interested 
in coaching, please contact Brent Solberg at