Performance Measures

Aldridge Gardens
Highlights visitors from 2019 and begins tracking events in 2021.
Economic & Community Development
Compares Hoover's economic measures against the region, state, and US; shows annual activity by the Economic & Community Development Office.
EngineeringShows activity for the City's wastewater treatment plants and inspections, maintenance, & plan reviews performed by the Engineering Department.
Analysis of the General Fund Monthly Interim Financial Statements
FleetShows fleet maintenance activity, including activity under the shared services agreement with the City of Pelham.
Hoover Met Complex
Attendance & economic impact of the Hoover Met Complex.
InspectionsShows building permits, inspections, and plan reviews performed by the Inspections Department.
LibraryCompares circulation data by classification and item type; library facility usage; library programs; and examines how patrons access library services.
Municipal Court
Shows number of cases year over year.
Recreation & Events
Compares attendance and programs at multiple recreation venues and events.
Payroll & Human Resources
Shows payroll costs and employee figures for the current fiscal year.
Planning & Zoning
Shows activity for planning & development such as conditional use & variance applications, zoning amendments, plan reviews and zoning verification.
Public Safety
High-level data from Emergency Communications, Police, and Fire Departments.
Public Works
Shows activity from My Hoover Connect and other activity related to street, roadway, and general repairs.
Purchasing & Accounts Payable
Shows fiscal year activity for purchasing, bid activity, and payment processing.
Revenue & Receivables
Shows General Fund revenues for the fiscal year based on Monthly Interim Financial Statements.
Senior Center
Highlights outreach activities, nutrition program, and member connections.
TechnologyCompares service volume for the Technology Department, media channel statistics, and email activity.