Code Enforcement


Welcome to the Code Compliance Division of the City of Hoover

As our beautiful City grows and moves forward into a sustainable future we are here to help ensure that our neighborhoods and properties continue to shine. Our purpose is to assure compliance, through education, with zoning ordinances and other code sections that are related to private property usage and which address promoting health, safety, property preservation, and community enhancement.

Our division works seven days a week to help property owners meet their obligations and responsibilities, and to prevent property values from falling. The standards set by our Code of Ordinances protect us all from substandard conditions. 

Keeping our City safe and in great condition is essential because when properties become deteriorated beyond a usable point this translates into additional costs for taxpayers, crime occurs more frequently, and our neighborhoods becoming dirty and unattractive.

Our mission is to work side by side with our neighbors to combat blight throughout the City and to influence and enhance the quality of life in Hoover. 

Code Compliance Division
2020 Valleydale Rd
 Hoover, AL 35244

PH:  205-739-6841