Hiking Map and Trail Guide

Moss Rock Preserve Map & Trail Guide

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About the Moss Rock Trails

Moss Rock currently contains about 12 miles of hiking trails, including single-track, old roads, drains and utility easements. Most of this trail system was built by volunteers and is now maintained by volunteers and City staff. With the exception of the power line trail, all designated trails in Moss Rock are color-coded (painted) either white, blue, red or orange. Much of the white trail provides easy walking along a stream but its eastern end traverses some fairly intense topography, providing a fun and aerobic hike. Be advised, the eastern section of the white trail is referred to by some as the 'cardio trail'!  You can expect to breathe hard when hiking the cardio trail. The blue trail leads to hidden valleys and boulders, and the red trail passes by cliffs and wetlands. All trails interconnect to form loops and are excellent for all levels of hiking.

Moss Rock Preserve's newest trail is the orange trail. The orange or Boulder Gorge trail extends northeast from the eastern end of Moss Rock's original 250-acre tract into a new 99-acre addition to the park. The orange trail loops through some of the most scenic area in the park. The best and quickest access to the orange trail is from the Simmons Middle School trail head. View a map and write-up of Boulder Gorge Trail.


An April, 2014 flooding event in the Hoover area washed away two pedestrian bridges in Moss Rock Preserve. Both bridges were located along the white trail towards the East end of Moss Rock's original 250 acres. Locations of the missing bridges are noted on the new CartoTracks trail map. New trails leading to creek crossing points have been walked in. Please use caution in higher water conditions. Some suggested trail re-route info is as follows:

From the Simmons Middle School trail head:
- If your destination is the orange trail, follow the lead trail in from the parking lot: As the trail approaches Hurricane Branch, you will see the trail fork with a single-track section running straight ahead. This single-track trail will parallel the creek and tie directly into the orange trail.
- If your destination is the white trail or other areas W of the Simmons parking lot: As the trail approaches Hurricane Branch, you will see the trail fork with a wide trail section crossing the water. At times of low water, crossing here on the large rocks is the most direct route. High water crossings are not recommended.

From all areas West of the Simmons Middle School trail head:
- If your destination is the orange trail and you are hiking over on the white trail: When you arrive at the white trail/orange trail junction, you will see an elevated sanitary sewer pipe crossing the creek. This pipe provides a nice, hand-hold for walking through the water. This crossing is the most direct route and is recommended for times of low water. The white trail also connects up to the powerline which connects to the orange trail. This connecting section of the white trail is known as the 'cardio trail' so be prepared for a more challenging hike.

Your Help is Needed!

By joining the efforts of the Friends of Moss Rock Preserve, other volunteer groups and the City of Hoover, you can help protect and preserve Moss Rock Preserve while making it a more enjoyable place to visit. The 'Friends' work closely with the City of Hoover and numerous other groups to maintain Moss Rock Preserve, as well as protect it from future disturbance. Periodically, the Friends offer guided tours by reservation. The Friends lead work and clean up days in partnership with other volunteer groups such as the Access Fund, Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, UAB Into The Streets, Hands on Birmingham, church groups and others.

For more information on volunteering, please contact:
  • Ken Wills
    Friends of Moss Rock Preserve
    2253 Rock Creek Trail
    Hoover, AL 35226
    Ph: 205-823-1641
  • Colin Conner
    City of Hoover Parks Dept.
    5500 Stadium Trace Pkwy
    Hoover, AL 35244
    Ph: 205-739-7141 or 288-6068