Trial Setting

Trial Procedure

If a case is set for trial, both the city and the defendant are entitled to subpoena witnesses. If the defendant wishes to have a subpoena issued, the defendant and or defense attorney must submit a subpoena request form to the court at least 14 days in advance of the trial date.

Alabama law requires that all trials in municipal court be handled by a judge, not a jury. However, if you are found guilty and wish to appeal the decision you may request a jury trial in circuit court.

Basic Trial Procedure

  1. The case is called before the judge.
  2. The defendant is informed of his charges.
  3. Testimony is given and witnesses are questioned.
  4. Evidence is presented.
  5. Judge makes a ruling of guilty or not guilty.
  6. If not guilty the defendant is released and no fines or costs are assessed.
  7. If found guilty, appropriate fines, costs, and sentence are imposed.