Dismissible Tickets

Most tickets are not eligible for dismissal. Specifically, expired tag tickets are not dismissible, even if you can show you have since renewed the tag. Regardless of ownership of the vehicle, if you are issued the ticket the ticket is your responsibility.

Certain tickets may be dismissed if various criteria are met, prior to the court appearance date:

No License in Possession

If you are issued a citation for driving with no license in possession, a judge or magistrate may dismiss your citation if you can show that you had a license, which was valid at the time you received your ticket.

No Insurance

If you are issued a citation for driving a vehicle without insurance, the judge may dismiss your citation upon payment of court costs if you present insurance on that vehicle, which was valid at the time of your citation. This proof must show, at a minimum, the vehicle covered, the policy number, the starting date of coverage, and the end date of coverage.

Court staff may contact your insurance company to determine if the insurance was valid. Presentation of false insurance is a crime. If you did not have insurance at the time of your citation, but have since purchased it, the ticket will not be dismissed.  A ticket for no insurance requires your appearance in court if there was an accident involved.

Child Restraint Violations

If you have received a citation for a child restraint violation, state law grants the judge the discretion to dismiss the ticket upon proof that you have purchased an appropriate child restraint. The judge is not obligated to dismiss the ticket, however.

Equipment Violations

Many equipment violations may be dismissible if, within 72 hours (excluding Sundays and legal holidays) of when you receive the ticket, you have the defect repaired and inspected by a City of Hoover police officer. If your repaired vehicle conforms with state law, the officer will sign off on the back of your ticket. You must deliver this ticket to the court offices on or before your court appearance date.

Window Tint

If you are issued a citation for improper window tint, you may be eligible to have the citation dismissed if you have the tint removed, drive the vehicle to court on your court date, and make such request to the judge. Before the judge grants such a request he will have a Hoover Police Officer inspect the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle conforms to the state window tint law.