DUI & Alcohol Related Offenses


Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or another substance is a traffic offense. Unlike most traffic offenses, you will automatically be arrested if an officer determines that you are driving under the influence.

DUI is one of the most severe offenses punishable by a municipal court. Defendants should make themselves aware of the potential consequences of being convicted for DUI.

Defendants convicted of DUI will be referred to the Court Referral Program for substance abuse evaluation.

Other Alcohol Related Offenses

A defendant may be charged with other alcohol related offenses, such as driving with an open alcohol container or being a minor in possession of alcohol. All alcohol related cases will require a court appearance. Convictions for some alcohol related offenses may require additional punishments, such as suspension of driving privileges.

All alcohol related offenses will be sent to the Court Referral Officer for substance abuse evaluation.