Electrical Permits

The City of Hoover has adopted the 2020 National Electrical Code. Copies of this code are located in the Hoover Library Reference Section or may be purchased from the International Code Congress by calling 205-591-1853 or online.

Electrical permits are required for all electrical work, whether repairs or new installations. A licensed Master Electrician or the property owner must perform the work.

Download the application

 Prerequisites for Electrical Permits

Prerequisites for obtaining an Electrical Permit are as follows:

  • A building permit, if applicable
  • A description of work to be performed
  • Address or location that the work will be performed
  • Evidence that the contractor performing the work has a current Master Electrician Card from surrounding local jurisdictions, State of Alabama, or a reciprocating state. Please call our office for a list of reciprocating states
  • The contractor performing the work must have an active City of Hoover business license.

Permit fees are calculated based on the work to be performed. A fee schedule is provided on the application form. The minimum permit fee is $50.00.** Blank permit applications can be provided by calling 205-444-7522. Completed permit applications must, however, be submitted for processing by mail or in person and must be accompanied by fee payment.

**A fee of $1.00 per $1,000 of authorized construction cost is collected, as required by the State of Alabama, to be used to fund the Construction Industry Craft Training (CICT) Program, for commercial electrical permits.


Inspections by this department are required on all work performed.

Alabama Power Company will not set a temporary or permanent meter without a release from the Hoover Inspection Services Department.