Personal Training

The Hoover Recreation Center’s certified personal trainers provide the motivation, education, guidance, and individual instruction required to achieve personal fitness goals. Our trainers will design a tailored exercise program for each individual that reflects the client’s objectives, fitness level, and experience. Our trainers will increase your motivation, ensure safe and proper technique while performing exercises, prevent discouraging performance plateaus, help prevent boredom by designing creative and challenging workout programs and most importantly, increase your success rate. Each personal training session is 45 minutes to one hour in length.

Specialized Trainers

Hoover Recreation Center’s personal trainers specialize in the following types of training:
  • Continue-Cardiac Rehab
  • Core Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Training
  • General Fitness
  • Plyometric Training
  • Sport-Specific
  • Weight Loss

Who should seek a Personal Trainer?

  • Hoover Recreation Center members who need an individualized program for their specific needs and goals
  • Individuals who desire individual attention and feedback
  • Individuals who have reached a fitness plateau and would like to enhance their performance
  • Individuals who want to add variety and intensity to their workout

How often should I work with a Personal Trainer?

The number of visits with a personal trainer will be based on your specific needs and goals, along with a trainer’s recommendation.

How do I sign up?

  1. Meet our fitness staff at the Hoover Recreation Center to determine if you would like to workout with a personal trainer.
  2. Before beginning any session, members may request a Health / Fitness Assessment with one of our personal trainers.

What is the cost?

  • 3 Sessions $135
  • 5 Sessions $200
  • 12 Sessions $420
  • 24 Sessions $720
  • Group Sessions: 10 Sessions $300 per person

For more information, contact Fitness Manager Jamie Foster at 205.444.7656 or