Leisure Lifestyles

This program is for adults with disabilities that focuses on being able to learn and practice life skills, money management, social skills and identify general leisure and recreation interests. Activities may be set up to address specific areas such as bowling, exercise, arts and crafts, and community outings. Open to participants 18 and older.

Team Sports

Team Sports is a program for teenagers and adults with disabilities that focuses specifically on athletic skill development. Participants are introduced to a wide variety of sports and learn to work as part of a team. Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in games as well as tournaments if they choose. This program meets at the Hoover Recreation Center.

Hoover Hurricanes Swim Team

This program is for individuals with disabilities who have the ability to swim one length of the pool and are interested in improving technique and endurance. Swimmers practice twice a week to develop breathing techniques and improve swim strokes. Participants in this program have the opportunity to compete in a variety of swim meets including, but not limited to, the Hoover Invitational Swim Meet and Special Olympics State Games. This program is open to swimmers 18 and older.


Community Outings with Recreational Experiences (C.O.R.E.) focuses on developing time management, money management, and decision making skills and meets one Friday a month. The ultimate goal for participants is independence. Additional outings may be offered during the program year. C.O.R.E is open to participants 18 and older.