Insurance Requirements

Organizations must provide adequate insurance for event and list City of Hoover and The Park & Recreation Board of the City of Hoover as an additional insured. Proof of insurance must be provided when the rental request form is submitted. In some cases additional entities may require insurance certificates.

Minimum Insurance Requirements

The following is a summary of City of Hoover minimum insurance requirements for necessary event coverage:

Commercial General Liability
Commercial Automobile Liability (if no vehicles are owned, then CGL should include coverage for non-owned and hired)
$300,000.00 CSL
Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s Comp Coverage B (Employer’s Liability) (if no worker’s compensation coverage, then a release should be provided)
(if available, show limits)

Unique Events

Events involving unique exposures such as water (fishing, boating, swimming, etc.), participant driving activities (test driving, driving an obstacle course, test, and tune, etc.), pyrotechnics, or other unusual exposures require higher limits. Please contact Risk Management for assistance.

Insurance certificates must be submitted with the rental request form.