Cardio and Toning

Body Sculpt

Cap off your cardio with resistance training. This class includes weights, bands, bars, etc. for a well-rounded body toning workout.


Start with cardio step moves to burn calories. Finish with Pilates to focus on range of motion, muscle work and flexibility.



This class includes high/low impact aerobics, step, core and muscle conditioning.

Advanced Step

Increase your cardio capacity while building lean muscle. This advanced class will challenge muscle strength while building muscular endurance.


Weekend Wake-up Workout

This class includes a wide variety of cardio, step, weights and abs. Great combo to start your weekend!


This class is designed to tone and strengthen the abdominal area. Instructors will take you through 30 minutes of solid abdominal work guaranteed to bust your gut!

Final Cuts

This unique class of science based body sculpting techniques will combine weights, bands and exercise balls to optimize muscle conditioning efficiency. It provides strenuous yet fluid movements that simultaneously improve muscle strength and endurance for a complete body workout.


Maximum Aerobic Expenditure is designed to burn maximum calories by combining a high/low impact aerobic class with intervals of strength training.

Total Body Challenge/ High Velocity

This class is a combination of cardio and strength training methods including intervals of step, weights and bands to achieve a total body workout.

Please see the Group Fitness Schedule for dates and times.