Is Defensive Driving School an option?

National Safety Council approved 4 hours classes (Level I / Alive at 25) and 8 hours class (Level II) are held at Hoover Municipal Court.
 Driving school may be offered to defendants charged with moving violations before entering a plea on your citation. If you plead guilty and pay, it will be too late to take driving school.


Any defendant wishing to take driving school must register in person with a cash payment. If your ticket is with Hoover ($125.00) for the 4 hour classes and ($150.00) for the 8 hour class due in full at the time of registration. Upon completion of the class, the defendant’s charge will be dismissed.
 If your ticket was issued by an agency other than the City of Hoover, and you have been approved by the court to attend Defensive Driving School, you must register for class in person and you must pay for the defensive driving class at the time of registration. The costs for referral cases are ($25.00) for the Level I 4 hour class and Alive at 25, and ($50.00) for the Level II 8 hour class.
 If you have a Commercial Driver’s License or a prior conviction of D.U.I. you do not qualify for Defensive Driving School
 Defendants are required to reschedule in person, at least 48 hours prior to the class.
 If a defendant is charged with Passing a School Bus or Reckless Driving, he or she might be eligible to complete the 8 hour class. A court appearance is required before registration.

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