What is the Appeal Process in Hoover?

A defendant found guilty in municipal court may appeal the decision. The judge will advise a convicted person of the right to appeal and that written notice must be filed with the municipal court within 14 days of the conviction date. A mere oral statement of a desire to appeal is insufficient; the notice must be in writing and an appeal bond must be filed within the 14 day period.
 The judge will set the appeal bond amount, which by law cannot exceed two times the total fines and costs or the $1,000 if no fine and court costs are assessed. Once a case is appealed, the case is then transferred to circuit court for the county in which the offense occurred and the entire case is heard anew (de novo).
 As Hoover rests in more than one county, the specific circuit court will vary.


Alabama law requires that all trials in municipal court be handled by a judge, not a jury. However, if you are found guilty and wish to appeal the decision you may request a jury trial in circuit court.

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