Is it really bad to 'top' trees?

There is a common misconception that topping a tree will "revive" it. This is simply not true and no one should be convinced to the contrary by anyone still trying to sell the so called "service" of topping. Without question, topping any species of tree (especially large, mature shade trees) is a harmful practice that leads to structural defects and functional stress. Structural defects can result in limb and branch failures that, on their own, can injure people and damage property. Severe enough limb and branch failures can lead to decay in trees which worsens the tree's overall condition over time. Functional stress can leave trees more susceptible to outside pathogens which can and often does lead to decline and/or mortality. There are no known benefits to "topping" trees but there are numerous, negative and often dangerous side-effects.  Here's what the ISA has to say:

ISA - Why Topping Hurts Trees

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